Our 2023 Breeding/Kidding Schedule is under development and changes are still being made. All breedings are subject to change until pregnancy is confirmed. Does with a ⭐️ will have kids pulled shortly after birth and be bottle raised (in an attempt to keep the doe’s udder even for Nationals). Bottle raised kids must be picked up or transported as soon as possible once deposit is paid. For young kids being transported long distances, a “wether buddy” can be included.

We typically take 2 doe reservations and 2 buck reservations per pairing, but will accept back up reservations, so feel free to get on a list even if it looks “full.” Breeder has right to retain any kid from any breeding. If you’re looking for wethers, please contact us to be placed on our Wether Reservation List. Our reservation list is free and breeder will contact you when the kid you desire comes available, at that time a deposit will be requested to hold the kid until weaning age (8 weeks), if not bottle raised (see above). If goat(s) are traveling out of state, a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection is required and all costs for the CVI and transportation are the responsibility of the buyer. If the goat develops the following flaws, a replacement will be offered: double teats/extra teat, teat spurs, wry face, freemartin or hermaphrodite.

PRICING: Please read our Pricing and Sales Policy Page to get an idea of what a kid from each pairing will cost. Contact Us to inquire on pricing for a specific pairing. 

Due Date
Kidded April 13, 2023
2 bucks (one DOA), 2 does
*First doe RETAINED*
*2nd doe SOLD Kelly K.*

Blue eyes possible. This pairing should retain wide rumps, depth of body and beautiful foreudders.
Kidded January 29, 2023
1 buck
*Buck SOLD Janelle W.*
This breeding should retain all of Sweetie's excellent general appearance while increasing foreudder.
Kidded January 5, 2023
1 buck, 1 doe
*R6 Doeling SOLD Jenn B.*
*R4 Cou Clair wether SOLD Jenn B.*
Blue eyes possible. We got 2 lovely bucklings out of Majesty x Cora as a first freshener. Hoping to produce a doeling this go around!
Kidded January 5, 2023
1 buck, 1 doe
*R5 Black doeling SOLD Connie E.*
*R7 Black wether SOLD Connie E.*
This is a line breeding on SG Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas +*B ELITE. LOTS of milk in this pairing!
Kidded May 12, 2023
2 bucks, 1 doe
*R38 Buck SOLD Hannah R.*
A light linebreeding on OMF Cernunnos. It was hard to settle Marimekko this year, but she only had eyes for our new guy, Oak Apple Perchance to Dream. That's just fine with us! Expect a lot of milk and foreudder in this pairing.
Kidded January 5, 2023
2 bucks, 1 doe
*R1 Buck SOLD Kelly K.*
*R2 Buck "Mohave Magic" SOLD Mary S.*
This breeding seeks to reproduce Twin Pears Sweet Marimekko, with a few additional flavors mixed in. LOTS of milk in this pairing!
Kidded April 9, 2023
3 does
*2 Doelings RETAINED*
*1 doeling PENDING*
Blue eyes possible. Bedtime Story is an outstanding FF with width, depth and lots of foreudder. She crosses well with many of our bucks.
Kidded January 26, 2023
buck, 1 doe
*R9 Buckling SOLD Amanda N.*
Blue eyes possible. We loved the boys Majesty x Dolly produced and are hoping for a doeling this go around.
Kidded March 12, 2023
1 buck, 3 does
*Buck SOLD Sarah T.*
This is a line breeding on Majesty and his National Champion Dam. Blue eyes possible.
Kidded March 14, 2023
2 bucks, 1 doe
*Bucklings SOLD Helen O.*
Blue eyes possible. A very complementary breeding, should cross well.
Kidded January 27, 2023
2 bucks, 1 doe
*Doe SOLD*
*2 Pet Wethers SOLD*
This is mostly an outcross, but a nice one. LOTS of width, depth and length in this pairing.
Did not settle, leaving as dry yearling, to be bred fall 2023
Will be bred Fall 2023 for 2024 kids
Kidded May 7, 2023
3 bucks, 1 doe
*2 Wethers SOLD*
*1 Wether AVAILABLE*
Prize brings plenty of length, depth of body and rear width. This pairing aims to increase foreudder and volume.
Barbichette Sweet Marion PiMarion Pi
Kidded April 10, 2023
2 bucks, 2 does
*First doe RETAINED*
*1 doe SOLD Stephanie*
*1 buck SOLD Stephanie*
*1 Wether AVAILABLE*
This is a Sugar Moon heavy, loose linebreeding on our favorite girl, SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper. Blue eyes possible.
Kidded May 17, 2023
2 bucks, 1 doe
*Doe Retained for now*
*R45 Wether SOLD CONNIE E.*
This is a linebreeding on SG OMF Fast Tempo EVEV90. Exciting combo excelling in dairy strength!
Kidded May 22, 2023
2 bucks, 2 does
*2 Does SOLD Michele M.*
*1st buck SOLD Sharon B.*
*2nd buck AVAILABLE*
Blue eyes possible. This is a linebreeding on our Java. LOTS of length and depth of body in this pairing.
Kidded May 1, 2023
Single doe
*Single doeling. SOLD*
An outcross pairing, but these kids will be long with lots of milk.
Kidded May 16, 2023
2 bucks, 1 doe
*Doe SOLD Connie E.*
*1 buck SOLD Lisa M.
*1 buck SOLD Stefanie J.*
Just like her sister, this is an outcross pairing, but these kids will be long with lots of milk.
Kidded May 3, 2023
Twin bucks
*First buck SOLD Miranda G.
*Second buck RETAINED*
Fashion Week and her dam (Marimekko) are both bred to Dream. The mammary systems of her offspring should be phenomenal.

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