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Our Breeding Philosophy

It takes the same amount of time and money to care for a bad goat as a great one. Why not aim for great? In our eyes, a quality goat is one that is built to last a life time with strong conformation to carry them through a dozen (or more) years on this planet.  This means qualities like strong pasterns and very snug udder attachments. It is all too common to see goats that look good as youngsters, but are falling apart by 4 or 5 years old. A lot of the trends we’re seeing in the breed are often at the root of these problems. We’re seeking substance over flash in the pan. Additionally, a dairy goat should be equally strong in the milk pail, with teats that can easily be milked by hand or machine. We like a lot of butterfat, too. For these reason we participate in ADGA Performance Programs, Linear Appraisal, DHI Milk Test and show, the importance and value in that order. Our goats get better every year and we are equally proud seeing our goats do great work in other herds, too. We’d love to talk to you about our herd!

Why Nigerian Dwarfs?

We always knew we wanted dairy goats to offer us a supply of fresh, raw goats milk, but couldn’t decide which breed was right for us. Ultimately we decided on Nigerian’s for two reasons: they have the highest butterfat content in their milk, making it the best tasting and ideal choice for cheesemaking; and their petite size makes them easy to handle and transport. Nigerian owners need not invest in a heavy duty truck and stock trailer, just pop your goats in a dog crate in the backseat! Nigerian dwarfs are the goat of choice for homesteaders and even backyard microfarms. An added bonus is that goats are fantastic poison oak, yellow star thistle and blackberry bush eaters, just what us Oregonians need! Oh, and did we mention they are cute?

If you’re new to goats and considering adding a few to your homestead, contact us. We can talk goats from housing to feed. Keep in mind that goats are herd animals and must always have a companion.

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