Goats for Sale

Our herd is constantly evolving. This means we sometimes have bred does, does-in-milk, yearlings, kids and bucks for sale. Sometimes they sell before we even have a chance to post them here on the website, so if you’ve been eyeballing a goat of ours and want to get on their “wishlist” if we ever choose to sell, feel free to reach out. Sometimes we can make dreams come true! (Side note: Java will never be for sale, she will live out her natural life here). Every fall we publish our Kidding Schedule for the following spring and accept free reservations for forthcoming kids. It’s never too early to get on the list and our list fills fast!

We will never sell a single goat unless you have a goat companion for them. Goats are herd animals, dogs and horses are not companions. Please see our Sales Policy page.

Twin Pears RN Just Right “Justin”

(Cade’s Lil Farm BF Rune x Twin Pears Goodnight Moon)

Planned Pedigree

DOB 4/8/24 $400 as ADGA registered buck/$100 as wether

Just Right a.k.a. Justin, is a very sweet bottle baby that loves to snuggle. We named him Just Right because he wants his bottle to be the perfect temperature and likes to slowly sip and savor the milk. He’d love to find a new bottle holder that appreciates the extra time with him. Available to be picked up immediately.

**Justin is AVAILABLE**

Twin Pears RN Darjeeling

(Cade’s Lil Farm BF Rune x SG Oak Apple Marocchino 6*M VVVV89 ELITE)

Planned Pedigree

DOB 2/12/24 $700 as ADGA registered buck

Marocchino, known around here as Rocci (pronounced ‘Rocky’), has consistently produced exceptional kids from multiple sires. To date Rocci has produced two LA score 90 daughters, 1 GCH 91 daughter, and two ELITE daughters. Rocci is no slouch herself winning Grand Champion and Best of Breed at the ONLY show in the Pacific Northwest during 2020 against stiff competition. In her later years her udder is still as snug as a first fresheners–she went on to place top 20 at 2023 Nationals at 7 years old and started making the ELITE list as a 6th freshener. She is also a very sweet thing. Rocci easily kidded this HUGE boy (6 days late) sired by Rune. He is very dairy in type and have phenomenal udders on both sides of the pedigree. Darjeeling is chocolate with a large grey moonspot on his neck and shoulders. He would make an excellent herdsire if you’re looking to add Sugar Moon genetics, proven milk production, show wins and dairy strength to your herd.

**Darjeeling is AVAILABLE**

Twin Pears RN Best Dressed

(Cade’s Lil Farm BF Rune x GCH (pending) Twin Pears Sweet Marimekko 7*M FS91 99% ELITE doe)

Planned Pedigree

DOB 1/28/24 $1200 as an ADGA registered buck

Our superstar, Marimekko, has been more generous with bucklings than doelings but that is a very good thing if you’re looking to add some serious punch to your herd. In 2023 Marimekko finished her permanent championship as a 3 year old third freshener, was 2x Best Doe in Show, 3x Best Udder of Breed, a 99% ELITE doe, earned a Linear Appraisal score of 91 and placed in the Top 10 of her class at ADGA Nationals in Redmond, Oregon (7th place 3 year old, 9th place dam & daughter). She doesn’t leave much to ask for! Marimekko was paired with Rune for building on her Sugar Moon lineage, while sharpening up the topline and toes, and increasing rear leg angulation. Rune hit it on the mark, without taking anything away from Marimekko’s famous wide, level “booty” in her kids. If you’re looking to up your game in the show ring or have dreams of seeing your herd on the ELITE list, this boy may be for you.

**Best Dressed is SALE PENDING**

Twin Pears Majestic Royalty

(CH Heaven’s Hollow Majesty *B EEE90 x Oak Apple Layla 6*M VEEV88)


 DOB 4/13/23 $700

Royal was the last born son of CH Heaven’s Hollow Majesty *B EEE90 out of the beautiful Oak Apple Layla. I held onto Royal this long as “insurance” to make sure I still had Majesty genetics available to me. We now have several freshened Majesty daughters and collected another Majesty son, so I feel secure letting Royal move on to improve another herd. He’s a very sweet, friendly yearling buck who exhibits his parents’ wide, deep bodies and ready to work. He is solid black with brown eyes and well within the height limit (neither parents were overheight). At some point I hope to get more pictures but he is currently in rut and wearing his big fluffy winter coat. Below are pictures of his parents, maternal and paternal sisters.  Contact us about Royal!

**Royal is AVAILABLE**

Till-Riv BWZ I’m a Catch

(BetterWayz EJ Zipper x SGCH Springwater AL Oky Dokey 4*M EEEE90 99% ELITE)

Planned Pedigree

DOB 3/31/23 $800

If you’ve been looking to add Better Wayz, Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay, Sugar Moon NS Alejandro, Springwater and ELITE genetics to your herd, this guy is for you! Catch is very sweet and friendly. He took a little longer to figure out his “job” so I didn’t get to use him as much as I’d planned last breeding season. We just acquired a new buck who will be servicing most of our does in 2024 and I hate to leave a quality buck like this “out to pasture” instead of doing work improving herds. I’m offering him at 50% of my original purchase price in hopes of finding him a quality home sooner rather than later. He is LOVELY!

**Catch is AVAILABLE**

Twin Pears Oscar de la Renta

(Oak Apple Perchance to Dream x Twin Pears Maj’s Fashion Week 8*M pending)

Planned Pedigree

DOB 2/18/24 $600 ADGA registered buck

Oscar is full brother to our buck, Twin Pears Dream’s Tom Ford. Fashion Week only gave us twin bucklings as a first freshener, but they (and her udder) were so outstanding, we kept her son Tom Ford. Tom went on to win Best Junior Buck at only 3 weeks old. One judge said “if I was the breeder of that buck, I’d be extremely proud.” So we repeated this breeding and were not disappointed! Oscar’s dam was 9th place Dam & Daughter at 2023 Nationals, and scored an 85 with an E in udder as a FF. One of his maternal granddams is a permanent champion with an LA score of 91, and 99% ELITE, the other was the 2013 ADGA Nationals Champion and Best Udder. We really love this cross and what it can bring to your herd!

**Oscar is SALE PENDING**

Twin Pears Dreamy Diamond

(Oak Apple Perchance to Dream x Twin Pears Majestic Prize)


DOB 5/7/23 $550 as a dry yearling

Diamond is a very sweet and affectionate doe. She would be very happy as a 4-H doe, show doe, cuddle bug or companion. Diamond is super long and dairy boned. I’ve held onto her this long because I think she has a lot of promise and comes from phenomenal genetics. Diamond is just slightly outside of the genetics I’m focusing on, so I’m making her available just because of numbers. She is a dry yearling, but large enough to be bred. She would be delighted to trot along side you as a dry yearling at 2024 shows!

**Diamond is SALE PENDING**

Twin Pears Contents May Be Hot "Guy" (Oak Apple Million Dollar Baby x SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper 5*M VEEE88 ELITE) **SOLD**

Sire: Oak Apple Million Dollar Baby
SS: CH Old Mountain Farm All Over It *B EEE91
SD: SG Old Mountain Farm Fast Tempo EVEV90)

Dam: SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper 5*M VEEE88 ELITE
DS: SG Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas +B ELITE
DD:SG Sugar Moon Sage 4M VEVE 90)

It’s rare we let Java offspring go, but now that we have Guy well collected in our tank, we are giving another herd the opportunity at these amazing genetics. This is a pedigree that’s hard to beat! Performance Herd preferred. $1100 **SOLD**