Goats for Sale

Our herd is constantly evolving. This means we sometimes have bred does, does-in-milk, yearlings, kids and bucks for sale. Sometimes they sell before we even have a chance to post them here on the website, so if you’ve been eyeballing a goat of ours and want to get on their “wishlist” if we ever choose to sell, feel free to reach out. Sometimes we can make dreams come true! (Side note: Java and Majesty will never be for sale, they will live out their natural lives here). Every fall we publish our Kidding Schedule for the following spring and accept free reservations for forthcoming kids. It’s never too early to get on the list and our list fills fast!

We will never sell a single goat unless you have a goat companion for them. Goats are herd animals, dogs and horses are not companions. Please see our Sales Policy page.

Twin Pears OAM Celesta ++G+83 FF score (Oak Apple Maestoso *B x Oak Apple Constanze 5*M VVV+85) DOB 2/20/21

Celesta is a beautiful, smoothly blended first freshener linebred on SGCH Camanna GD Moonlight Opera VEEE91. She is fortunate to call both CH Heaven’s Hollow Majesty *B EEE90 and SGCH Oak Apple Seria grandma and grandpa! Celeste was 2nd place Advanced Junior Kid in 2021 behind her sister, Novelette, who remains in our herd. Celesta had an easy kidding with buck doe twins in 2022, but they did leave her udder uneven (I expect this will correct itself in future kiddings as she has not had mastitis or edema causing premanent damage to the udder). She is currently in milk and already has her first few milk tests under her belt. We are making Celesta available because we are retaining her daughter, Twin Pears 3K Celestina, and her littermate sister. $475 open or $550 as a bred doe