Pricing & Sales Policy


We participate in “proving” our goats through ADGA Performance Programs (Linear Appraisal, DHIA Milk test and the occasional sanctioned shows). These programs come at great time and cost, but we think our goats are worth it. We want every goat leaving our farm to be of excellent quality and go on to do good things for you in the milk pail and show ring. Our prices reflect this depth of work. Below is a schedule outlining how our goat kids are priced. Keep in mind that some kids may be more or less than reflected here depending on each unique case. If an expensive breeding was used or a goat was brought in from a great distance, this may be reflected in the price of the kid. If there is a specific kid or breeding you are interested in, contact us for their price.


Our reservation list is free! So if there’s some goat you’re dreaming of, there’s no harm in putting yourself on the list. If you are on the reservation list and the kid you desire is born and available, we will contact you within ~3 days of the birth. At that time a $100 deposit will be required to hold the kid for you and schedule a pick up date. We like to keep the kids at least 8 weeks before they are weaned. If the kid perishes in this time (things happen, sadly) your deposit can be refunded or transferred to another available kid. In order to continue our quality breeding program, it is vital for us to keep a handful of kids in our herd from each year’s breedings.  Therefore, Twin Pear Farm retains first right of refusal on every kid born here, regardless of the reservation list.

Once a kid leaves our farm, their health and vitality is your responsibility. We are not responsible for any illness or death that may occur after your goat(s) leave our property (there are never any guarantees with live animals. Things happen.). We HIGHLY encourage you to do your homework before bringing your goats home and also keep a close eye on them to catch any illnesses early. Goat kids are highly susceptible to coccidiosis and pneumonia (both potentially fatal) to name a few. Goats should be fed an appropriate diet for their sex and stage of life (growing kid, wether, lactating dam, etc.) and regular access to fresh clean water, minerals and baking soda are a must. Please message us if you have a question or concern about your goat at anytime! We’d rather you ask than not.

Wethers $125 Discounts when purchased in multiples or with purchase of doe
Bucklings Starting price $400 We only want our bucklings to be exceptional. Inquire for individual pricing details.
Doelings Starting price $400
Dam has Linear Appraisal score of 85+ +$100
Dam has earned her milk star +$100
Dam has an LA score of 90 OR E in udder +$100
Dam has achieved Superior Genetics designation with ADGA +$100
Dam has been designated as an ELITE doe by ADGA or milks 800#+ +$100
Doe or buck has genetic enhancements: blue eyes, polled or moon spots (keep in mind these features do not produce more milk or make better goats, they are esthetic only and not a feature serious breeders focus on. Pricing only levels the playing field.) +$50
Discounts considered for 4-H or ADGA Performance Homes We love when our goats can go on to achieve their potential! Inquire for details