Our Does

Our goal is to operate a small, power-packed herd (though the term “small” is relative). We aim for the highest amount of production with the fewest amount of does, without sacrificing structural correctness. While we show the occasional goat for fun, we prefer using objective performance programs–ADGA Linear Appraisals and DHI milk tests–to make our herd decisions and continually improve these lovely creatures. That said, we often have very nice young doelings (and the occasional buckling) available because we simply can’t keep them all.


SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper 5*M VEEE 88 @5ys 5mos ADGA ELITE DOE 2019, 2018


DOB 3/8/2014
Sire: SG Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas +*B
SS: SG Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip ++*B
SD: SGCH NC Promisedland Sunni-Beau-No 2*M

Dam: SG Sugar Moon Sage 4*M VEVE 90
DS: SG Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip ++*B
DD: SG NC Promisedland Sia Zephyr 3*M

Java is, deservedly, our herd queen. Not only is she in the top 3% of Nigerian Dwarf milk production in the country, but she has just about the most perfect udder you can ask for and readily passes her amazing genetics on to her daughters. We were extremely fortunate to add this amazing doe to our herd in 2017 and she quickly presented us with four gorgeous doelings in Spring 2018. Then in August 2018 and again in August 2019, she made ADGA’s Elite Doe list, a very special designation indeed. She had a 950lb lactation (36lbs protein, 55lbs butterfat) in 2019 with just a single kid this year. Boy are we lucky to have this fabulous girl in our herd!

Elfin Acres B Liane 1*M VVEE 89 @4ys 3mos.


DOB: 5/3/15
Sire: SGCH Elfin Acres CP Briar VEE90 *B
SS: Elfin Acres Chili Pepper *B
SD: SGCH The Lilac Twinkletoes 1*M EEEV91

Dam: Elfin Acres JJ Larissa +EVV 85
DS: Jobi H Jasper *B
DD: GCH Elfin Acres BZ Melisande 5*M EVEE90

It only took one freshening to see Liane was going to be a phenomenal milker. When we brought this girl home she was just an awkward teenager, but her genetics quickly revealed themselves with the longest teats we’ve ever seen on a Nigerian Dwarf and the milk production to go with it. Foolishly, we were not on milk test then, and also foolishly, we sold both of her gorgeous twin doelings that year. Liane did not leave us hanging though, producing 4 more doelings in 2018 and this time we were smart enough to keep two. By August, her young daughter Twin Pears LBB Stormy Weather took first place in her very first show and is shaping up to be every bit as good as her momma. Liane is a beautiful doe with zero flaw areas. Liane had a 720lb lactation on 7 tests in 2019 putting 31lbs of protein and 48lbs of butterfat in the pail. Liane is easy to handle and an amazing producer–in other words, she perfectly fits our herd goals. Due to complications with kidding, Liane is officially retired, and will not be rebred in the future. We love her anyway!

Blythmoor Milky Way VEEE90 @4yrs 4mos

Photo courtesy of Full Bucket Farm
Photo courtesy of Full Bucket Farm

DOB: 2/8/13
Sire: SGCH Buttin’Heads Palimony EEE90
SS: Buttin’Heads Pajamars
SD: GCH Buttin’Heads Wedding Song EEE91

Dam: SG Blythmoor Peppermint Pattie VVE+86
DS: Pholia Farm Mi De Mand
DD: Blythmoor HM Almond Joy VEEE90

This gal’s pedigree and Linear Appraisal scores speak for themselves, plus she’s a sweetie. Milky Way joined us late 2018 and has not had the chance to prove herself on milk test thus far in her life, so we will get her working on that milk star just as soon as she kids. Milky Way is a picture perfect example of a Nigerian Dwarf doe–petite, wide, deep and balanced. We were unable to succesfully breed Milky Way in 2018 and will try again in 2019!

SG Oak Apple Tia Maria 6*M Advanced Registry +V+V 84 @2yrs 2mos (First Freshening score)


DOB: 5/8/16
Sire: Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa VEE89
SS: Dragonfly HFX Hallelujah
SD: Dragonfly HFX Somali 1*M V+EV88

Dam: SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper 5*M VEEE 88 ELITE DOE
DS: SG Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas +*B
DD: SG Sugar Moon Sage 4*M VEVE 90

Tia is the daughter of our amazing Java. When she became available, we couldn’t pass her up. As a first freshener, she quickly challenged her mother as top-producer in our herd, earning her 6*M in all categories (production/butterfat/protein). Tia proves the quality of Java’s genetics and at just 21 days fresh in her 2nd lactation she milked 4.9lbs, followed up by 5.3lbs on her second test, officially surpassing her ELITE dam. In just 7 tests, Tia milked 850lbs of milk, 37lbs of protein and 51lbs of butterfat in 2019! She was built for milk and her kids are gorgeous. We’re so lucky to have her in our herd.

SG Oak Apple Marocchino 6*M Advanced Registry +EVV 86

Dam's udder

DOB: 5/8/16
Sire: Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa VEE89
SS: Dragonfly HFX Hallelujah
SD: Dragonfly HFX Somali 1*M V+EV88

Dam: SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper 5*M VEEE 88 ELITE DOE
DS: SG Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas +*B
DD: SG Sugar Moon Sage 4*M VEVE 90

We had long hoped to add this lass to our herd and the time has finally come! Marocchino, “Rocci,” is another beautiful daughter from our amazing Java. We love her udder attachment, teat placement and length. She has quite the nice udder for handmilking. This line of does really blossoms on the third and fourth freshenings (even though the 1st and 2nd are nice too!) so we are looking forward to our forthcoming years with Rocci. Photos courtesy of Oak Apple Farm.

Calico Creek Celine VEV+86 at 3yrs (not appraised since 2016)


DOB: 5/5/13

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Ibex +B
SS: Old Mountain Farm Stag VEE88 (more SG and GCH offspring than I can count!)
SD: MI Sugar Creek TW X-Tunes

Dam: Calico Creek Cinder VEEV90, AGS Reserve National Champion
DS: Buttin’Heads Father Christmas
DD: Pecan Hollow TW Tequila Sunris

I was really not looking for another goat, but I just couldn’t let this girl pass me by. Celine is a gorgeous doe with the perfect temperament to go with it. Celine just joined our herd in fall 2019 when her previous farm was sold and we’re so lucky to call her ours. She is the daughter of AGS Reserve National Champion Calico Creek Cinder VEEV90 and Old Mountain Farm Ibex +B. Celine was only on milk test during her first lactation where she peaked at 3.8lbs as a first freshener! We are very excited to put Celine back on performance programs in 2020 and may consider taking her to a show or two in 2020. Pictures of Celine courtesy of West Family Homestead.

SG Oak Apple Sing AVVV81 4*M pending (FF score at 2yrs 3mos) ADGA ELITE Doe 2019 as a First Freshener!


DOB: 5/2/17
Sire: Oak Apple Mikado +VE86
SS: Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy EEE92
SD: SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki 4*M V+EV87

Dam: SG Oak Apple Seria 3*M +EEE88 ELITE doe
DS: SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos +B VEV89
DD: SGCH Camanna GD Moonlight Opera 2*M VEEE90

We were looking for another heavy hitter in the milking pail for our raw milk sales when this gal popped up. Sing did not disappoint milking 4.3lbs at just 30 days fresh as a FIRST FRESHENER and achieved her milk star in just 4 tests! Sing comes to milk honestly with her dam, SG Oak Apple Seria, hitting the 2019 ELITE doe list and placing 12th at the 2019 National show for 3 year old milkers (out of 42 entries). Sing made the ELITE list in her own right in November 2019 as a First Freshener and was awarded her Superior Genetics!! Sing’s pedigree is full of so many of our favorites, like SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos and SGCH Camanna GD Moonlight Opera, to name a few. Sing is tremendously wide and deep, kids easily, and boasts a truly stunning udder.

Camanna EB Joella

DOB: 02/19/12

Sire: Camanna BA Elijah Blue
SS: Poppy Patch FC Blue Avatar
SD: Camanna PC Cleopatra In Blue VVVE88

Dam: CH Camanna CT Jocelyn VVVE89
DS: Tahoma Citation
DD: AGS OTR Juniper’s Guinevere

Joella is really a find. She is a gorgeous doe that went under the radar and has never been on milk test or appraised by an ADGA judge–but certainly should! Joella has true Nigerian Dwarf qualities–petite, great rear leg angulation, depth and an amazing head (really, she does!). As a 7 year old, we look forward to getting her the accolades she so deserves. Joella takes after her sire and is polled. We are really delighted to have her in our herd.

Oak Apple Lily Pons 2*M VEVV86 @3yrs 6mos


DOB: 2/25/16

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy +B EEE92
SS: MI Sugarcreek YO Toshiba
SD: MI Sugarcreek WM You Tube VEEE90

Dam: Piddlin Acres BZ Whata Diva 1*M EEE+88
DS: AGS Lost Valley TB Bonzai +B
DD: AGS Piddlin Acres Queen of De Nile

Lily is a VERY eye catching doe. A beautifully composed body with lots of great color and solid production. Her Linear Appraisal scores improve with each freshening and she has produced some VERY nice kids. She may be available after kidding in 2020. Contact us if you’re interested.


Twin Pears W Cassiopeia 


DOB: 3/11/18
Sire: Flat Rock’s Westley VEE87
SS: Flat Rock’s Ember
SD: Flat Rock’s Ever After

Dam: SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper 5*M VEEE 88 ELITE DOE
DS: SG Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas +*B
DD: SG Sugar Moon Sage 4*M VEVE 90

Cassie was one of the nicest kids we ever sold. As fortune would have it, she came back to us just after her first freshening November 2019! Cassie will be staying in our herd and put on milk test for her first lactation. She has all of her momma’s dairy character and is shaping up to have an udder of equal calabir. We are so lucky to have her back. Beautiful, well clipped pictures to come when the weather warms. 😉 Welcome home Cassie!

Oak Apple Sugar and Spice

DOB: 3/17/18
Sire: Flat Rock’s Westley VEE87
SS: Flat Rock’s Ember
SD: Flat Rock’s Ever After

Dam: SG Oak Apple Marocchino 6*M +EVV 86
DS: Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa VEE89
DD: SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper 5*M VEEE 88 ELITE DOE

Sugar is the daughter of our gorgeous Marocchino and granddaughter of our Java. She unexpectedly came back to us (along with Cassie) just after her first freshening November 2019. So far Sugar is showing an excellent first freshening udder–two very well defined clefts of the udder, tight medial suspensory ligament and long, perfectly placed teats pointing arrow straight down. It’s not often you see this in a Nigerian Dwarf, but more likely when they are the offspring of our Java. This line of does sure knows how to bring it in the milk pail and udder department! Sugar *may* be available to the right buyer. In the mean time, we are getting her on milk test so she can earn her AR star and Superior Genetics designation like all the does in this line.

Oak Apple Helena


DOB 3/16/18

Sire: Oak Apple Tango
SS: Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa VEE89
SD: SG Old Mountain Farm Fast Tempo EVEV90

Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm Helen 3*M VVEE90
DS: Old Mountain Farm Maenar Quinn +B VVE88
DD: SG NC Promisedland Nemesis 2*M VEEE90

2x First Place (RVDGA Show & Josephine County Fair 2018)

Now this is one promising doe. She’s been turning heads since the moment she arrived. Helena took first place in Intermediate Junior at the Josephine County Fair and RVDGA shows in August 2018. She has tremendous length, width and depth, just like her Dam. She’s also easy on the eyes. We can’t wait to meet your future kids Helena! **HELENA IS SOLD AS A BRED DOE TO RUTH O.**

Twin Pears LBB Stormy Weather


DOB: 4/6/18
Sire: Four Cedars Little Boy Blue *B +VE85
SS: Poppy Patch Sailaway w/MeHoney *B +VE85
SD: Pholia Farm Baklava 3*M VVEE89

Dam: Elfin Acres B Liane VVEE89
DS: SGCH Elfin Acres CP Briar VEE90 *B
DD: Elfin Acres JJ Larissa +EVV 85

1x First Place (RVDGA Show 2018)

1x Second Place Dry Yearlings (Lelia Barry Memorial Show 2019)

Stormy is her Dam’s doppelganger, which is a wonderful thing. We frequently do double-takes to see who is who. Stormy proved her excellence right away, going straight to the head of the ring in her first show (1st place Beginning Junior RVDGA August 2018) and second place in the extremely competitive Dry Yearling class at the Lelia Barry Memorial Show July 2019, up against National show competitors. Just like her Dam, she is smoothly blended and looks like she’ll have the same lovely, large, milkable teats! She is super wide in the rear, which will be fantastic come kidding time and when she puts on her first udder.

Twin Pears MC Santa Fe


DOB: 5/24/18
Sire: Gladdie Acres AR Mclaren +VE86 @1yr
SS: CH Gladdie Acres Giorgio Armani VEE90
SD: SG Gladdie Acres BV Austyn-Healy 2*M VEVV88

Dam: Twin Pears SS Hatch Chile (deceased before able to be appraised or on milk test)
DS: Pholia Farm TS Shawn Spencer *B
DD: Elfin Acres E Sriracha 3*M VVV+85

Santa Fe is an easy favorite here. If you want to know love, affection and smiles, Santa Fe is your girl! She also has lovely red buckskin coloring that stands out in the pasture. Santa Fe comes from heavy milky genetics on both sides. We lost her absolutely gorgeous mom just two weeks after her first freshening due to a uterine abscess, but boy her udder was lovely–a true improvement upon her Dam’s. We are so grateful to have Santa Fe to carry on her spirit and genetics! We really like her very level top line, long neck, deep body and rear angulation. Santa Fe takes after her father and is polled. **SANTA FE IS SOLD AS A BRED DOE TO RUTH O.**


Twin Pears RC Starry Night

DOB: 01/25/19

Sire: TNR CT Rolling Coal
SS: Buttin’Heads Containerised EEE91
SD: TX Twin Creeks G Bella Notte EEEV90

Dam: Elfin Acres B Liane 1*M VVEE89
DS: SGCH Elfin Acres CP Briar VEE90
DD: Elfin Acres JJ Larissa

When it became clear that we had to retire Starry’s Dam, Liane, it was critical we preserve her awesome genetics as much as possible. Starry is a long and smoothly blended doeling with nice straight front legs and her dad’s wattles. She is also the first to come in for a kiss and a cuddle. Starry stood her ground in the show ring with a third place win at just 6 months old against competition who had just shown at Nationals!

1x Third Place Lelia Barry Memorial Show July 2019

Twin Pears RC Misty Morning

DOB: 01/25/19
Sire: TNR CT Rolling Coal
SS: Buttin’Heads Containerised EEE91
SD: TX Twin Creeks G Bella Notte EEEV90

Dam: Elfin Acres B Liane 1*M VVEE89
DS: SGCH Elfin Acres CP Briar VEE90
DD: Elfin Acres JJ Larissa

Misty is Liane’s flashiest kid ever, but what you really can’t miss is her rear width and escutcheon. Every time we catch a glimpse of her in the pasture we say “WOW.” In fact, Misty was a sold doeling that we just couldn’t let go. We look forward to seeing Misty grow up alongside her equally gorgeous sister, Starry Night!

Twin Pears Zip a Hennessy


DOB: 01/19/19
Sire: Buttin’Heads Containerised *B EEE91
SS: Buttin’Heads MOH Rising Son +B
SD: Buttin’Heads Zipper Pea 1*M VVEE90

Dam: SG Oak Apple Tia Maria 6*M
DS: Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa VEE89
DD: SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper 5*M VEEE88 ELITE doe

Like her Dam and Granddam, this girl is built for milk. She can be a bit of a pill though, so tough to photograph. 😉 We love her gorgeous length, long neck and general dairy strength. Henny Penny continues to improve with age. Hennessy, we’re pegging you for our future Top 10 Milker–no pressure!

1x Second Place Lelia Barry Memorial Show July 2019