Hands-on Learning

There is a LOT to know about owning dairy goats. They are complex critters and nothing like keeping pet dogs, cats or chickens. We spent three years attending classes, conferences and reading everything we could get our hands on before bringing home our first goats, and we had still only scratched the surface. Because of our passion for dairy goat education, we have become the go-to resource for all things dairy goats from housing to kidding and everything inbetween. Because of the interest and demand we now offer hands-on educational opportunities at the farm! Keep in mind that these are not meant to be public tours, but one-on-one experiences for those getting ready to bring home their first goats or looking to improve their goat keeping skills. You will get dirty and stinky!

Intro to Goats! 90 minutes, offered year round

Thinking about getting goats or getting ready to bring home your first caprines? We cover all of the basics you’ll need to have in place for your new herd, including housing, fencing, security, feed, day-to-day management and care. You’ll also have time to ask all of your burning questions.

$100 for up to 2 people ($25 each additional person) If you purchase a goat from us within 2 years of session, you will receive a $50 credit towards your new goat(s). Contact us to book your session

Goat Milking & Milk Management, 2 hours, mornings only April -November

Join us in the milking room and learn how to milk by hand and machine! Milking a goat is an art form and clean milk is critical if you plan to drink it. In this session we cover sanitization, proper milk handling, udder health and milk storage. You’ll get to know our ladies up close and personal and even take home some milk! Contact us to book your session

$125, 2 people max


Stay at the Farm Immersive Weekend, $500, 2 days and nights, best March-November

Be a dairy goat farmer for a weekend (can also be weekdays)! Stay in our “glamping” trailer and join us for a hands-on weekend covering all of the topics in our other sessions, plus chevre making. Stay includes dinner (bring your own breakfast and lunch fixings). We’ll work all morning in the barn and get in-depth on all things goat keeping. You’ll have the afternoon off to explore wonderful local wineries and downtown Ashland, before returning for dinner and evening chores.

$600, 2 people max, NO pets (trailer is outfitted with dishes, cooking implements, fridge, bedding and towels. There is a queen size bed and couch) Contact us to book your Stay


Goat Healthcare, 2 hours, offered year round

It’s not if, but when, you’ll need to give your goat medical treatment. We will teach you essential skills including: how to give a shot, drench a goat, correctly trim feat, troubleshoot symptoms of a sick goat and what you need to have in your medicine cabinet. It’s critical to be prepared before an emergency arises!

$125, 2 people max Contact us to book your session

Yogurt & Ricotta Cheesemaking, 2 hours, offered year round

Learn how to make delicious goat milk ricotta and yogurt and you’ll never buy store bought again! With a few simple tricks and tools you’ll be on your way to novice cheesemaking. Take home yogurt and ricotta you can put straight into your lasagna the same day! Contact us to book your session

$125, 2 people max