Twin Pears Majestic Madeline

DOB 4/9/2023


Sire: CH Heaven’s Hollow Majesty *B EEE90 (AGS Alexanderfarm BW Studlydorite +B x SGCH Wyojem Wendy Kiki 1*M VEEE91)

Dam: Oak Apple Bedtime Story 7*M (pending) VEEE89 (CH Old Mountain Farm Contender x Oak Apple Layla 6*M VEEV88)



Linear Appraisal

Not yet appraised

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Show Record

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It had been my hope and dream to produce Majesty x Bedtime Story daughters, and Majesty gave us three nearly-identical doelings shortly after his departure from earth. These gorgeous sisters have exceptional toplines, depth of body and dairy strength. I love them all! Madeline stands out for increased body capacity, and extra white flecks on her solid black coat. I have not yet showed Madeline, but I think she will go the distance in the show ring like her dam, granddam, and great granddam!