Our Story

Mike, Westi, Emmett, Grace and Bella (the world’s greatest dog)

Once upon a time we were city folks dreaming of a little piece of land–a reality that was not to be in our hometown of Santa Cruz, California. After our twins were born it was time to take the leap and trade in commuting for cultivating. In 2012 we found the perfect piece of property in the beautiful Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon and got to work. The property included twin granddaddy pear trees, and with a wink and nod towards are own twin kids, we dubbed our homestead Twin Pear Farm. The first few years were focused on making our rustic 1930s home inhabitable and giving TLC to very overgrown gardens and trees. While we worked on improvements, Westi dabbled in the kitchen perfecting food preservation and canning the variety of abundant fruit on the property. Neighbors and friends raved about the pear butter and blackberry jam, noting the depth of flavor typically only found in grandma’s kitchen. What a delightful surprise! In 2016 we decided to utilize the sales of our eggs and canned goods to help support the growth of the farm by opening a humble roadside farmstand. The responses from neighbors, campers, loggers and passersby was unanimous: “Westi!! The jam is out of this world amazing!,” “Can I preorder by the case?,” and the occasional post-it on the mailbox “Your pickles were delicious!” Needless to say, we decided to keep going and growing, adding unique flavors, like Carrot Cake Jam, Merlot Jam and Midnight Vanilla Spice Jam. Also in 2016, we added dairy goats to our operation, allowing us to expand into goats milk products. We were so unprepared for our success that we sold out of our entire stock of soaps at our first holiday market. Today the goats are the focus of our operations and we follow the daily rhythm of farm chores while growing our goats milk products. It’s a delicate dance and a lot of work, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world.