Twin Pears MB Hello Dolly

DOB 2/12/2021


Sire: Twin Pears CT MoonBean *B (Buttin’ Heads Containerised * x SG Sugar Moon V Java Pepper 5*M VEEE88 ELITE)

Dam: Calico Creek Celine 1*M (Old Mountain Farm Ibex +B x Calico Creek Cinder AGS Res National Champion)



Linear Appraisal

2023 2 07 VVEV88

2022 1 04 ++VV85

Kidding History at Twin Pear Farm

2023 1 buck, 1 doe sired by Heaven’s Hollow Majesty *B EEE90

2022 Twin bucklings sired by Heaven’s Hollow Majesty *B EEE90


Lactation Totals in Pounds

2022 451 Milk / 24 Butterfat / 19 Protein, 225 DIM

Show Record

2022 RVDGA Show Josephine County Fair, Grants Pass, OR

1st Place Yearling Milker, Judge Jennifer Tereba

1st Place Yearling Milker, Judge Emily Thompson-Healy

2022 RVDGA Show Jackson County Fair, Central Point, OR

2nd Place Yearling Milker in class of 14, under Sam Whiteside

2021 Lelia Barry Memorial Show, Central Point, OR

3rd Place Senior Kid, Judge Rebecca Nix

4th Place Senior Kid, Judge Kris Farley

Dolly came out exactly how I was hoping, all of her dam’s outstanding General Appearance, complemented by MoonBean’s dairyness. What’s even better is she has all of the udder improvements we were hoping for in this cross and our appraiser’s first words were “That’s a nice first fresh udder!” Dolly gave us gorgeous twin bucklings as a first freshener, so our fingers are crossed for a doeling or two in her second freshening.