Twin Pears OAM Celeste

Twin Pears OAM Celesta

DOB 2/20/2021

**for sale**


Sire: Oak Apple Maestoso *B (CH Heaven’s Hollow Majesty *B EEE90 x SD: SGCH Oak Apple Cavatina VEEV88)

Dam: Oak Apple Constanze 5*M VVV+85 (Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa VEE89 x SGCH Oak Apple Seria VEVV88)



Linear Appraisal

2022 1 04 ++G+83

Kidding History at Twin Pear Farm

2022 1 buck, 1 doe sired by Twin Pears OAM 3 Kings


Lactation Totals in Pounds

In progress

Show Record


2nd Place Senior Kid, Lelia Barry Memorial Show, Judge Justin Bassett


I went back and forth so many times between Celesta and her sister, Novelette, that I decided they should both stay. Their dam, Constanze, was the last living daughter out of SGCH Oak Apple Seria and when the opportunity to lease Oak Apple Maestoso arose, I knew they would be an ideal match. Bargaining on linebreeding some of the breed’s best (Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos and Camanna GD Moonlight Opera) paid off in the most beautiful way with Novelette and Celesta. Celesta took 2nd place behind her sister, Novelette, as a Senior Kid against 20(!!) entries at the Lelia Barry Memorial show in July 2021, and her daughter, Celestina, followed in her hoofsteps with a second place win in 2022! These are some really sound and consistent genetics that you just can’t go wrong with.