Twin Pears OAM Novelette

DOB 2/20/2021



Sire: Oak Apple Maestoso *B (CH Heaven’s Hollow Majesty *B x SD: SGCH Oak Apple Cavatina VEEV88)

Dam: Oak Apple Constanze 5*M GVEE87 (Dragonfly HLJ Mustafa VEE89 x SGCH Oak Apple Seria VEVV88)




Linear Appraisal

2023 excused (dry)

2022 1 04 ++V+84


Kidding History at Twin Pear Farm

2024 Buck/Doe twins sired by Elfin Acres I Sitka

2023 One buck, three doelings sired by Heaven’s Hollow Majesty *B

2022 Single buckling sired by Heaven’s Hollow Majesty *B



Lactation Totals in Pounds

2023 284 Milk / 21 Butterfat / 13 Protein, 137 DIM (cut short due to mastitis)

2022 343 Milk / 25 Butterfat / 15 Protein, 246 DIM


Show Record

2022 Josephine County Fair RVDGA Show, Grants Pass, OR
2nd Place Yearling Milker, under Emily Thompson-Healy

2021 Lelia Barry Memorial Show, Medford, OR
1st Place Senior Kid, Judge Justin Bassett
3rd Place Senior Kid, Judge Kris Farley

This doe has caught my eye since the moment she set hoof on the ground. She and her sister, Celesta, are so similar (in the very best way) that I decided I couldn’t part with either. Their dam, Constanze, was the last living daughter out of SGCH Oak Apple Seria and when the opportunity to lease Oak Apple Maestoso arose, I knew they would be an ideal match. Bargaining on linebreeding some of the breed’s best (Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos and Camanna GD Moonlight Opera) paid off in the most beautiful way with Novelette and Celesta. I knew I loved the look of Novelette, but nothing is better than having your breeder’s eye affirmed by multiple judges. Novelette took 1st & 3rd Place Senior Kid against 20 entries at the Lelia Barry Memorial Show, despite being quite a bit smaller than her classmates. As a very young first freshener, Novie earned a very respectable ++V+84. I was very excited to take her to Nationals in 2023, but shortly beforehand she came down with a very serious case of mastitis and had to be dried off. Sigh. The good news is there appears to be no permanent damage to her udder, and like the does in her lineage, appears to be right on track to blossom in the most beautiful way as a three year old 3rd freshener in 2024.