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ESSENTIALS: educational goat videos for new (or soon to be) goat owners. There is a LOT to know when getting started with goats. These videos aim to teach the essential knowledge and skills you’ll need when you bring home your first dairy goats.

Hoof Trimming Basics
How to Milk a Dairy Goat
Medications to Have Before Picking Up Your First Goats
What should I feed my dairy goat?
How to Give a Sub Q Injection to Goats

TWIN PEAR TUTORIALS: These videos teach the topics we’re asked about the most and we’re always adding new videos based on request and need. Many of these videos also teach about ADGA registered goat specific issues, like how to register a goat, how to read an ADGA pedigree and also participating in Performance Programs. If you have an idea or request for a future video, send us a message!

Signs Your Doe is in Heat
Dairy Goat Breeding Basics
Preparing for your first ADGA Dairy Goat Show
Tips & Tricks: What We Do the Night BEFORE Milk Test
How to Register Kids with and without a Buck Service Memo in ADGA's NG System
Treating Eye Injuries & Ulcers
Why Colostrum is Liquid Gold: How to Feed & Store It Properly
Helping Your Doe Recover from a C-Section
Identifying and Treating Copper Deficiency
How to Make Goat Milk Yogurt
Extending Life of Chaffhaye
How to Make Goat Milk Ricotta
Simple Method for Banding Bucklings
Our DHI Milk Test Day Beginning to End
How to draw and submit your own goat blood samples
Registering Your First ADGA Kids
How to Tattoo Your ADGA Registered Goat
How to check your goat for lice & non-toxic treatment
Signs your Doe is in Labor & The 3 Stages of Labor
How to Read an ADGA Pedigree
What's In Our Kidding Kit
Taking Care of Your Doe During Labor

SUPPORT: Some have asked why we take on the colossal, time-consuming task of making these videos. The answer is simple, we do it for the goats! We know that a more informed goat owner will result in a happier, healthier, better cared for goat. We spent 3 years going to countless classes and doing research before bringing home our first goats and have continued to learn every day since. This channel is our opportunity to share what we’ve learned to give other goat owners a leg up. If you too want to support goat education, please consider joining us on Patreon! Patrons get special gifts and acknowledgement in our videos. We love our Patrons!!

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