Twin Pears LBB Stormy Weather 2*M (pending)
2nd Place Dry Yearling
Lelia Barry Memorial Show 2019
First Freshening
(single kid)
First Fresh Udder
Dry Yearling
2nd Place Dry Yearling
Lelia Barry Memorial Show 2019
1st Place Intermediate Junior
RVDGA Show 2018
Wee Stormy Girl

DOB: 4/6/18
Color: Buckskin
1x First Place (RVDGA Show 2018)
1x Second Place Dry Yearlings (Lelia Barry Memorial Show 2019)

Linear Appraisal History:
2020 LA session canceled due to COVID-19

Kidding History at Twin Pear Farm:
2019 bred to FMG HKY Pack a Day *B +EE87, 2 bucks, 1 doe (Retained offspring Twin Pears SMKY Perfect Storm)
2020 2 does, 4 bucks sired by Dragonfly AV Limerick (Retained offspring Twin Pears DL Dew Drop, Twin Pears DL Rain Drop, Twin Pears The Thunder Rolls)

Sire: Four Cedars Little Boy Blue *B +VE85
SS: Poppy Patch Sailaway w/MeHoney *B +VE85
SD: Pholia Farm Baklava 3*M VVEE89

Dam: Elfin Acres B Liane 1*M VVEE89
DS: SGCH Elfin Acres CP Briar VEE90 *B
DD: Elfin Acres JJ Larissa +EVV 85

Stormy is her Dam’s doppelganger, which is a wonderful thing. We frequently do double-takes to see who is who. Stormy proved her excellence right away, going straight to the head of the ring in her first show (1st place Beginning Junior RVDGA August 2018) and second place in the extremely competitive Dry Yearling class at the Lelia Barry Memorial Show July 2019, up against National show competitors. Stormy went above and beyond birthing live sextuplets in 2021 via c-section. She went into shock and did not come into milk for several days post-kidding. While she may not have the lactation we’re hoping for in 2021, she is always the most consistent with the levelest lactation in the herd. We love our Stormy girl!