Twin Pears SMKY Perfect Storm “Sunny”

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ADGA Genetics

DOB 12/26/19
Color: Chocolate Chamoise

Linear Appraisal History:
none yet

Retained offspring at Twin Pear Farm:
none yet

Sire: Springwater HKY Pack a Day *B +EE87
SS: FMG DB&R Hunky Dory
SD: SGCH Pholia Farm Meet Virginia 4*M VEEE90 ELITE

Dam: Twin Pears LBB Stormy Weather 2*M
DS: Four Cedars Little Boy Blue *B
DD: Elfin Acres B Liane 1*M VVEE89

Well this is a special little man! Obviously we think so, or he wouldn’t be in our buck pen. Sunny was heading to Montana when COVID-19 hit and the buyer backed out. Deciding to keep him for ourselves was an easy one! Sunny pulls together all of my favorite qualities from his parents, Smoky’s outstanding length, topline and WIDE rump, Stormy’s beautiful front end, elegant neck, nice high pasterns and snug tight toes. I just really enjoy looking at him. You’d never know he was a dam raised kid with his sweet, friendly personality. We cannot wait to see his future kids!