Twin Pears SMKY Virginia Slim
9 mos old
9 mos old
Baby Virginia
Baby Virginia
Baby Virginia Smile


DOB: 12/23/19

Color: Chamoisee
Linear Appraisal History:

Kidding History at Twin Pear Farm:
2021: 1 buckling sired by Urban Acres HWT Steller Wind

Sire: Springwater HKY Pack a Day *B +EE87
SS: FMG DB&R Hunky Dory
SD: SGCH Pholia Farm Meet Virginia 4*M VVEE90 ELITE, Top 10 Breed Leader
Dam: Oak Apple Lily Pons EEEV90
DS: Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy EEE92
DD: Piddlin Acres BZ Whata Diva EEE+88

I could look at Virginia all day long. Amazing topline, deep bodied, perfect general appearance with the cutest face. She only gave us a single buckling as a first freshener, but still received a production evaluation of 84% in August 2021. Fingers crossed this beautiful doe gives us a doeling or two in 2022!